New music on Invisible Recordings: Westban (October 20th)

Taken from the all new Invisible 011 Various Artists EP. Featuring @NickBee, @Fre4knc, @CursaDnB and @SurveyBeats. Release: October 20th (Digital) November 3rd (Vinyl)

Exclusive Music: She Is/Arizona OUT NOW

This weekend marks the release of my first two deep house tracks, titled She Is and Arizona. She Is Buy Now exclusive to Arizona Buy Now exclusive to

New music on Horizons Music: Raindrops

NickBee – Raindrops Tracklist SCAR – Untruths Skitty – 10 Steps (Jubei Remix) Break – In The Moment Silent Witness – Fields DLR – Outta Time Digital – Major Hangover Amoss – Piano Licks Need For Mirrors – King Tide Digital & Spirit – Wayout Detail – Organic Spirit – Sharks Nickbee – Raindrops Skitty […]

New music on Inception Audio: Mothman

NickBee & Displaced Paranormals – Mothman Sinister and unsettling, ‘MothMan’ combines eerie vocals and shifting alien-type beats. Fans of disturbing sounds will get the most from this killer track. So look to the skies and let the bass enter your sub-conscious. IA TV Triple Vision BUY ME NOW – BANDCAMP DOWNLOAD NOW […]

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